Astrology Readings
Specialty Session with Ty
30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
Astrology readings explore the cycles of your life, and how you process energy and information. Astrology is the science of awareness.  Go deep into your own life and discover all the possibilities that awaits you.  Learn to follow the natural cycles and allow your destiny and the evolution of your soul to unfold.

Energy Readings
20 Minutes $42, 30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
Energy readings define how you personally create your own reality.  Are you living from your reason or living from your heart?  Learn about the pain body and the path to your light body.  Find your psychic gifts that may be developed into spiritual gifts. To master your feelings is to become a co-creator of your life.

Oracle Card Readings
Specialty Session with Kellye- 30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
This intuitive reading is to help assist you in finding clarity in your life. Whether you are looking to take that job, move on from a situation, or move forward on a plan or idea, this can assist you in determining the right path for you.


Homeopathic Music
Specialty Session with Ty 30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
Homeopathic Music is a sound healing session designed to identify and transform deep rooted issues in the body and energy field.  This system of healing was developed by Ty over the last decade, and involves the client intuiting shapes, colors, and polarity.  That information is then translated to sound and tonality, then played live into the body.

Reiki Energy Healing and Crystal Work
Specialty Session with Kellye- 60 Minutes $80, 90 Minutes $120
This session assists you in activating the natural healing process within yourself. This gentle energetic session will help reduce stress, bring peace, and re-align your Chakras. Reiki is known to help assist you in opening yourself up energetically to heal.

All Love Healing Matrix
Specialty Session with Ty
30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
All Love Healing Matrix is a heart based healing system that work’s through you own connection with source and the voice of your heart.  Root out self image issues, face your fears in the shadow, retrieve parts of your soul, and transform relationship patterns, through seeking the purpose of your experiences.  Allow your inner child to awaken and return to your heart.  Chaos is only chaos until you know the purpose.

No Bull Sh*t Healing
Specialty Session with Ty
30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
No Bull Sh*t Healing gets straight to the point and reveals how we code our reality through judgment or essence. Pity is not compassion, learning the difference will allow you to open up the pathway to humility. This session is designed to assist you in shattering your self image, through the pain of bullsh*t and into pleasure and bliss. Are you ready to live without pity and truly  allow yourself to receive love?

Infinite Health Re-Programming
Specialty Session with Ty-
30 Minutes $72, 45 Minutes $92, 75 Minutes $123
Infinite Health Re-programing dives deep into the code of your DNA.  Polarity issues can disrupt the body’s natural healing ability.  The universe pulses both positive and negative polarities. Health lies within the pulsing. Data issues can be caused by stress of all verities.  This session balances polarity issues and restores data to the original code.

Heart Space Journeying
Specialty Session with Kellye-
60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
Heart Space Journeying focuses in on the heart. Your heart holds the key to all of the wisdom of your soul. Get connected to your higher self, and learn what it is that your soul wants to heal. This session may incorporate Akashic record integration, past life regression, deep emotional clearing, meeting your guides, connecting to past loved ones, cord cutting, and more.

DNA Light Body Activation
Specialty Session with Ty- 60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
This session is designed for those who have been on their spiritual path for some time. If you would like to further understand your purpose, gifts, release karmic lessons that are no longer serving you, and further understand the agreements we made coming into this lifetime. This session will help you understand yourself at a deeper level, to open yourself up to more awareness and understanding.

Reiki with Heart Space Journeying
Specialty Session with Kellye-
90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
Have you been feeling emotionally or energetically stuck? This session will take you deep into your emotional body to clear away what is no longer serving you. This session is a gentle session which will allow you to explore the energetic patterns that are no longer serving you, so you can clear away what is no longer needed.

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Soul Retrieval
60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
Whenever we experience events that seem too overwhelming, fragments of our soul will leave our body with the full experience of the trauma, so our subconscious mind can process the situation without being too over whelmed. At some point these fragments need to be called back to our body so we can heal that trauma. Soul retrieval will assist you in calling back that energy to your body so you can finally start the healing process of the trauma.

Deep Emotional Clearing
60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
This session brings you into the now and assists you on your own emotional clearing journey. Whatever emotional baggage you are carrying on your shoulders, this session will teach you how to ground, and re-balance yourself and utilize these tools in your daily life.

Cord Cutting
60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
This session assists you in letting go of what no longer serves you. Old energetic patterns will be cut away, so new connections with others can be made. This session helps you with forgiving others and moving forward in your life.

Deep Meditation
60 Minutes $80, 90 Minutes $120
Through guided imagery and sound, your practitioner will assist you in a deep meditative like state of mind. This session not only teaches you how to go deep into meditation on your own, but how to reduce stress in your life. Meditation is the key to self healing and self mastery, learn the tools you need to incorporate this in your daily life.

Inner Child Healing
60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $165, 2 Hours $220
This session focuses in on the early traumas of childhood in a gentle and safe space. This session will help you re-integrate your inner child back into your heart space, so you can nurture and care for them. This gentle approach will help your inner child come to peace with early traumas that may have made him/her no longer feel safe, loved, or wanted. This session helps assist you in coming to terms with these emotions and bring your inner child back into his or her power, which is love.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Specialty Session with Kellye-
60 Minutes $80, 90 Minutes $120, 2 Hours $160
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy connects the mind, body, spirit, and soul. This session assists in healing to heal your emotional body, and to reduce stress in the mind and body. This session benefits those seeking peace and healing from emotional traumas, emotional clearing, self image, grief, addiction, and chakra balancing.

Guided Meditation With Sound Healing
Specialty Session with Kellye-
60 Minutes $80, 90 Minutes $120
Go deep within yourself and experiencing the peaceful and healing frequencies of sound healing and guided meditation. Sound healing not only helps clear away and “stuck” energies in the body, but assists the mind in relaxing and going into a deep state of relaxation.

60 Minutes $80, 90 Minutes $120
This session is a gently assist the client in awakening their own healing powers within the body. So whether you’re ready to clear away what is no longer serving you, or just simply want to re-balance your Chakras, this session can help assist you in the process.

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All bodywork sessions are offered by Kellye and are mobile massage sessions offered in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.

Relaxation Massage
60 Minutes $98, 90 Minutes $145
This Swedish session focuses on relaxing the mind and body in a quiet, calm,and nurturing environment. This light – light medium pressure session is perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind from the day.

Neck, Shoulders, & Feet Massage
60 Minutes $98
This custom session is great for focusing on the problem areas in the body. For this 60 minute session, your therapist will focus 30 minutes on the neck and shoulders, and 30 minutes on the feet.

Therapeutic Massage
60 Minutes $111, 90 Minutes $151
A healthy level of deep pressure, and therapeutic massage techniques, focuses in on releasing chronic pain and imbalances in the body. This session will focus in on the main problems areas within the body to help release old holding patterns and eventually retrain the muscles to no longer “hold memory” of tension. This session will incorporate bodywork with stretching.

30 Minutes $50, 60 Minutes $98
Reflexology applies pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, head, and ears. This session helps with reflex points that align with different organs in the body and relieve pressure from the feet, hands, and head. Reflexology will also help you understand any imbalances occurring in the body.

A Mothers Touch
60 Minutes $98
Prenatal Massage is provided to women from their first trimester on. This session provides special techniques that are safe and nurturing for both the mother and the baby. This session is a traditional prenatal, allowing the mom to be comfortably bolstered throughout the first half of the session, and then provided a sideline massage through the second half of the session. This gentle, light pressure massage helps remove stress off of the body allowing mom to feel relaxed and at ease.

Desert Hydrating Treatment
90 Minutes $145
A beautiful way to re-hydrate your skin after a long day out in the Sedona sun. This session will start you with a relaxing dry brushing technique, to gently lift away dead skin cells and provide lymph circulation. The therapist will then apply therapeutic oils to the body, to bring back moisture to the skin. You will then be gently wrapped in thermal sheets to help your skin soak in the moisture, while your neck and shoulders get a little massage to help you relax even further.

Aroma Therapy Massage
60 Minutes $98, 90 Minutes $145
A unique blend specifically designed just for you at the beginning of the session, this gentle aroma therapy session helps with balancing your energy and clearing your mind.

Tui Na
60 Minutes $80
A traditional Chinese therapy makes use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels of the body called meridians, help establish harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body and bringing it back into balance. Similar to Acupuncture, this session focuses on the overall health of the client, instead of using needles for bringing balance, the practitioner uses pressure, strokes,and burning of moxa to bring the body back into balance. Please note that this is not a massage.


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