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The Heart Metaphysics School is dedicated to providing a solid structured education for energy/heart based modalities of healing and awareness.  Students are taught that healing is a personal experience and their own experience creates an avenue to relate to others’ healing process.   Healing occurs from within each person meaning that no one can heal anyone.  Students of the heart metaphysics school are taught to hold a space of healing within allowing an opportunity for others to journey into their own process in a safe environment.  Choice is the beginning of everything, students will learn how and when to offer the choice for this inward experience.

By opening the heart and learning how to help others through a heart opening process, the truth of any matter can be accessed.  Imagine living your life from you heart and knowing your personal truth. What if you knew the answer to what your essence is or the mission you came to this earth with?  How would it change your life and all those you connect to?  All of these answers and more are waiting in you heart.  Do you love yourself enough to get the answers you need and do you feel worth and deserving of the truth that you will find if you make a choice to journey within?  Wither you decide to make this choice at the Heart Metaphysics School or not the question still stands and I challenge you to discover for yourself in what ever way you are comfortable with.  This process is not for everybody, but if you are willing to look at yourself in a raw way you are ready to connect to your own source of truth.

The heart is located between our thoughts and feelings.  Your emotions that are made up of thoughts and feelings are the keys to exploring the deeper truth that exist within your heart.  The mind and the heart can have difficulty working together.   The mind believes it protects us through resistance but that protection can turn into a prison keeping us from our own truth.  Through the process of exposing the hearts truth we revile the lies of the mind.  The heart is the go between for our conscious  and  unconscious mind once truth is remembered in our hearts the divine mind can open us to realities we never dreamed of.  Your own imagination will be you guide and if you can imagine it then it’s real.

The Heart Metaphysics School has been founded through grace of the heart and is designed to utilize, alchemic energy,  creative visualization, metaphysics, and ancient wisdom to form a well round education in the practice of holding space and intention.  There are a verity of energy healing system on the planet at this time but they all have one thing in common and that is that energy is energy.  Energy make no judgement it only knows direction.  The question is, Where is the energy coming from and where are you directing it to.  This journey awaits all who have the intension to be come heart center and from that center change the world.

Alchemic Energy

At the Heart Metaphysics School the channeling of alchemic energy is explored and developed.( Define alchemic energy as the process of changing the density into lightness) Students are introduced to three ranges of energy that are to be worked with to create a foundation higher and higher vibrations to be channeled safely.  The first three ranges of energy is as follows:

Reiki:  This energy is know as universal energy in the Japanese traditions and has been kept through Tibetan Buddhist so that their could be a grounding force for higher dimensional frequencies  to ground into the third dimension.  Reiki in this tradition is considered earth energy and is the foundation that will allow you to stay grounded into the earth through your heart creating an opening into other worlds.

Seichim:  This energy is based in the multidimensional reality.  This energy will take you into other worlds where you can contact dimensional being to aid you in sourcing information and healing.  From the fairy realms to the angelic worlds and the twelve planes of light the energy of Seichim opens your awareness as far as you are ready to explore, it builds upon Reiki’s energy and expands from the heart up into the heavens.

Sekhem:  This energy in egypt was defined as might or power.  This power is the la-ten energy of the divine within all things.  Sekhem is guarded by the Goddess Sekhmet who decides let you in or deny you access.  This energy is literally all around and within you and everything in creation.

The three energies described above combine to form the All Love Healing Matrix.  This matrix is intelligence as is each energy that makes up the matrix.  Channeling the matrix includes a verity of intensity depending on the need within any given moment.  Stepping out of the way and into the flow of energy of the All Love Healing Matrix can open you to other worlds that exist and intertwine with the fourth dimensional reality that is the heart.  Working with the All Love Healing Matrix is an expansive an wondrous experience that brings together ancient wisdom and modern healing modalities.

At the Heart Metaphysics School the All Love Healing Matrix is taught in a safe and loving environment that promotes self healing as an avenue for helping others, along with in depth studies that includes empowerments to Reiki, all seven facets of the All Love Healing Matrix as well as sound empowerments.  Students learn the history of each energy system, the twelve chakra’s,eleven sacred symbols, the light column mediation, and a verity of techniques that includes scanning and light weaving and much more.

Creative Visualization

In the last five to ten years a multitude of studies have been done on creative visualization and all of the research has declared that it is one of the most effective avenues for the healing of the future.  I personally have experienced this in my own healing process and over the last seven years I along with the help of my guidance have developed a process of what I call imaginative healing.  To step into the world of creative visualization is to become imaginative.  Your heart itself is a place of imagination and their awaits a whole world for you to explore.  This world is the bases for educational outline for The Heart Metaphysics School.  First students are given a choice to reenter their heart space and open a line of communication that will be their guide throughout their education or I like to call it a remembering.  Once present within your own heart we ask the simple question:What is the heart’s desire at this time?  Depending on the hearts answer and what is standing in the way of the manifestation of the hearts desire seven types of imaginative healing sessions emerge.  The following is a short description of each type of session. Note that during the process of self exploration or the holding of space for others the seven types of sessions may overlap and intertwine.  With each session an outline is provided for every healing space you will ever hold and if you follow the steps the results can be mind blowing.

Self Image

Self image is the umbrella for working in the heart.  It is at the heart of the matter: Do we love our self’s completely and do we feel worth and deserving of love?  Are we willing to enter into the process of self forgiveness and expand that into forgiving others?  Are we open to getting the help we may need and will to change once we have uncovered the truth in our heart?  This is the core of self image work and is a component of every session.


The shadow work is the most intense because it takes a lot of courage to face our fears and step into the darkness.  The fact is that we must step into the darkness to discover the golden lining of the shadow.  Discovering our golden or divine qualities not to mention our essence is huge in our personal development.  Once you have found these qualities they must be returned to a sacred space within your heart and from there they will illuminate your heart for all to see.

Relationship Cords

Relationships covers a verity of issues for us we all want one but don’t always know what we are getting into.  We form energetic connection with everyone we relate to but form deep cords with our family and those we are intimate with.  Healthy connections come directly into the center of the charkas  and unhealthy connection can come at a verity of angles into the charkas.  Power struggles in relationship can denote live energy cords that are very inappropriate and involve sub-couscous agreements to exchange feelings of security in the relationship for life force energy.  This type of connect can have a verity of effects including physics issues.

Early Childhood Memories

When a client has a vision of him or herself as a child during a session we call that early childhood memories.  The child represents an experience that the child never grew past and often is trapped in an organ other than the heart.  Each organ process a different feeling and asking the child how he or she feels can help make that location.  This session is rooted in self forgiveness and completes with the return of the child to the heart and a reviling of what piece of yourself the child truly represents.

Soul Retrieval:This session explores past life’s where a piece of ourselves splintered and part of us refused to move forward into new incarnations because we did not understand the purpose of that life time or how it ended.  Some times are issues are rooted deep in our past beyond this life time and these past life stories are only important if they can help us in the present.  Retrieving a long lost piece of yourself can be the key to understanding long held believes or patterns.

Addictions & Reoccurring Patterns

Addictions can be a serious issue that can range from drugs addictions and include a verity of emotional addictions such as self pity.  These reoccurring patterns and addictions can be illusive and getting to the heart of the matter takes determination.  During the process of working with addictions we are discovering what is being covered up by the addiction and what  the highest intention is for the part that wants to continue the addiction and the part that does not. ( Elementals ect)

Re-patterning the Mind & Templates

The mind takes the longest to change, re-patterning the mind is made possible through affirmations.  This is a twenty-one day process that is given through the direct of the heart after the personal truth has been reviled the heart provides I am phrases for the re-patterning process.  A template is used when the brain has been hard wired to believe the lies of the mind for so long that it must be updated.  The template is just that a literal up grade for the mind based in the truth uncover in the heart.

Each session above is taught in the apprenticeship program and more.  Over the last seven years I have gathered up a verity of experience with each session and share many stories that will be helpful as you get started working on yourself, other students, and later your clients.  Working through you heart is a rewarding experience and  empowering all at the same time.  With creative visualization you can help people find their own answers within themselves as you have also done.  The process is work but the rewards are great, this is not a system that carries people through instead it drops you in the middle of it where you get to decide to heal or not.  Students will learn not to have an attachment to other choices but to honor the free will of themselves and others above all else.   I have lead many people over the year into their heart but they get to make the choice to look at themselves in a raw way or not either way makes no difference.  Success and failure are to haves of one whole perception and how would we know one with out the other?  So at this time I take my responsibility to offer you the choice and if you are interested in attending the Heart Metaphysics School I extend this offer to experience a imaginative healing session with me holding the space for you to explore yourself.  I ask in return that you bring an offering for what ever aspect of spirit you connect to white flowers, incense, white candles, fruit or a heart gift that we will offer the spirits that you connect to on your behalf.  Remember your own experience is what allows you to connect to the experience of others.


Metaphysics is the study and practice of the ancient laws that exist beyond physics or beyond the physical.  This statement was true in the past but with the development of quantum physics the validity of the ancient laws are finding their way into our modern world.  In my opinion it is about time that we use the wisdom that our ancestors have left for us to create a world within ourselves that leads toward balance in our outer world.  Below is a list of the seven hermetic principles and the wisdom present within each law.

The Universe Is Mental

This hermetic law is connected to intention.  Where you focus your intention energy will follow.  In fact you intension is one of the most powerful things in the universe.  The strongest intention always wins unless you form your own intention which overrides all other intentions.  The only problem we find here is that our intentions are not always clear and so intentions will bring results that we did not concider.

As Above So Below

This hermetic law is found in many traditions for example it is the same as the following from the bible “As it is done in the heavens. so shall it be done on the earth.”

This law is the basis and foundation for the science of astrology.  Scientifically discovers made concerning the electromagnets’ of the planets in our solar system have been measure to produce frequencies within the same range in which our brain operates.  These frequencies from the heavens above travel at a speed of 151,000 miles/per second to meet the earth below.  If that is hard to rap your mind around concider to effect of the moon on the tides of the ocean not to mention your emotion ups and downs.

Everything Vibrates

This hermetic law denotes that life is vibration and stagnation is death.  We live in a vibrational reality where everything no matter how large or small has a relationship.  Depending on the vibration of everything around you density and lightness is created in relation to your vibration.  Our bodies for example are vibration instruments that have a full range of expression including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  If everything vibrates then everything has a field of vibration this reality goes beyond separation because if everything has a field then truly there is no space in between anything and therefore everything is connected.

Everything Exist Within Duality

This hermetic law teaches that within everything there is an opposite.  The universe itself is built on this law and finding duality within all things can lead to a deep understanding of ones self and creation.  Every feeling, thought, and action have a duality.  The science of astrology is a good example of the duality that exist in the human condition.  There are twelve signs of the zodiac but only six dualities.   They are as follows:Me(Ego)/We(Spirituality), Values/Desires, Communication/Integration,

Security(Inward Feelings)/Stability(Outward Perception), Creativity/Inspiration, Separation/Connection.

Energy either is increasing or Decreasing

To achieve balance is a myth and a trap all at the same time.  This hermetic law teaches us that everything has a rise and fall.  The same principle applies in healing you can only increase energy or notice when you are headed toward balance or decrease energy noticing when you are headed away from balance.  The flow of creation itself is the increase and decrease of energy.

Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction

This hermetic law is also know as the law of karma.  The essence of choice is explored within this law.  The energy you put forth is the energy you receive back.  Karma can be described as what you decided to transform into love or dharma this life time. We all come into life with a karma book in this book we wrote agreements with ourselves to learn from our choices.  When we have reached beyond our karma we can began to open our dharma book where we can write our own story and know the result of truly being compassionate.

Gender Exist Within All Things

Within each one of us there are two sides of our perception.  One male that is doing oriented and one female that is being oriented.  Polarity is another way to conceptualize this hermetic law.  Everything has a field and within this field both polarities of gender plays out on all levels.  The unification of gender is expressed in a verity of symbols like the ankh for example.  The ankh also known as the breath of life is a symbol of divinity and the integration of both polarities within ones self.


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