Sedona Sacred Sun  is dedicated to the integrity of the Heart.  To care without concern and live collectively with love, compassion, and respect for the earth mother and her sacred lands.  Discover your own sacredness and remember how bright your sacredness shines. Sedona Sacred Sun welcomes the sacred sun within you.  We are holding space for you, to empower yourself through the essence within you.  Your heart is yours to explore and remember how to live from.  Is love what you seek or is it who you are?

At Sedona Sacred Sun we provided one on one support to those in all walks of life. Whether you are just starting down your spiritual path of emotional healing and development, or you are seeking your own self mastery, we will provide you the space and tools you need for your own growth and healing.

What sets apart the Sacred Sun pathway to the heart, is the fact that it is unlike any other system. The Sacred Sun pathway encourages the student to seek their heart. For within their heart holds the key to their own healing and self mastery. The seeker will not be setup with a course of beliefs and dogmas that has to be accepted before the seeker can be considered to be making “progress.” The seeker would be encouraged to find their own perception of the truth, and with that perception, the seeker paves their own way to expansion.

All of our personal expansion sessions are designed and customized to suit your own individual needs. So if you are looking to grow your spiritual practices, heal from past traumas, learn to dig into your heart space, confront your “shadow” or just simply want to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Sedona Sacred Sun can provide the support you need to bring in a new healthier you.

The Sacred Sun pathway to the heart is a non denominational practice for all who seeks to heal and master their own heart.


Ty Hudnall is an alternative healer who believes that everything in life begins with choice. He advocates that the truth is within each one of us, and finding that truth leads to personal empowerment. He considers himself to be employed by the earth mother, with the mission of helping those who are ready to heal. Through his own self discovery and self healing, Ty creates a space of infinite possibilities and healing.

His studies began with music, playing the saxophone professionally since the age of nineteen, and studying jazz composition for seven years in college. With a solid music foundation, he began mentoring in Astrology and also took up body work. He specializes in the ancient art of Thai Massage that he learned on his travels to Thailand. Ty has also studied in the African, and Toltec traditions.
He practices a variety of energetic modalities that include: “412104_10100907087172070_2142472000_oThe All Love Healing Matrix”, “The Four Pathways”, and works with the “Twelve Chakras.” Ty has studied with healers from all over the world. Some of his teachers include: Thailand’s Master Masseur, Pichest Boonthumme; The Cheif of The Toltec People, Recrido Seventa; Father of African Mysteries, Baba Ifaomi; and Astrology Teacher & Ancestral Priest, Baba Malik. His teachers in healing include: Diane Ruth Shewmaker author of “The All Love Healing Matrix” and Cyndi Dale author of many books on Energy Healing.

Sedona 2Since 2005, Ty Hudnall owned and operated Sacred Art Thai Massage Studio in Dallas, TX. Now he currently owns and operates Sedona Sacred Sun in Sedona, AZ.  Sacred Art is a place of study, devoted to a well rounded program of healing based on the client’s choice. His clients choose to address a problem from three different perceptions, either: mentally, emotionally, or physically.  Currently Ty spends his time researching and practicing new concepts of healing with music and energy.

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