Opening The Emerald Heart


Opening The Emerald Heart is inspired by the Toltec traditions.  In 2008 I received a great honor from the Chief of the Toltec People and was initiated into there ancestral traditions.  Over the last decade I have developed this body of work related to the assemblage point system and the sacred warrior traditions.  To master our feelings is to master ourselves.




6 Flames

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Assemblage Point System





Opening The Emerald Heart By Ty Hudnall


I think there’s a time in each of our lives when we have to make a decision. Are we going to believe we are only human, or that we are truly a spirit? Did we choose to be here in these bodies, or is life thrust upon us. Are we humans having a spiritual experience, or are we spirit’s having a human experience?

I spent most of my life telling myself that I was only human. My story certainly seemed to prove that point. I was raised by parents that meant well and provided everything I needed, but didn’t quite understand me. I felt different from the other children at school, not because I wanted to be, but because I knew I was. My mother tried to tell me I was just like everybody else, but in my heart I knew I wasn’t. My struggles led to a life of anger filled with depression, and I cast myself as the victim. Sometimes, in my early twenties, I would lay on the couch for three days before I would pull myself out of the dark and start to walk in the light again. In between, I self- medicated with substances, but also beat myself down with negative self-talk. I told myself that I wasn’t deserving of love, and that no one would ever love me.

What changed that pattern for me? It started with the unfolding of what I now call “The Emerald Heart.” Of course, in the beginning, I didn’t have a label for this transformative power, for this intrinsic part of me (and you). Nonetheless, the growing awareness of my own destiny, as well as the ultimate destiny of humankind, has completely altered my heart, life, and behavior. It has saved me by enabling me to become who and what I really am.

I am Love.
I am Peace.

I am Vibration.
I am Music.
I am Standing Waves and Keys and Harmonics.
I am Dharma replacing karma and the dance of the god and goddess come to earth.
I am Truth and Spirit.
I am the River.

I’d like you to know who you really are, too.

I used to believe that I had to protect myself in order to get through my day; to survive. I thought I had to hide my gifts so others couldn’t see who I really was. The world appeared cruel and pointless to me, and everywhere I looked, I saw pain and suffering. All I had to do was turn on the TV to see the fear that permeates the minds of the masses, and the more I watched, the more I found myself buying into it. If the world is bad, am I also? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that logic. It’s no wonder we are all walking around asleep. We take everything for granted, i.e. the beauty around us and within us. We think everything is outside of us and we are powerless to change. Hardships and pain are always someone else’s fault from this perspective. Life’s challenges seem external. From separation, we build our reality based on self-pity and become sources of our own guilt and shame. What’s the way through this belief in separation? What helped me remember that I was so much more than my upbringing, my body, my experience, or my mind? It was my ever-growing awareness of love and compassion, the central tenets of the Emerald Heart. The Emerald Heart is the heart of compassion. It is a real part of us, a structure that lies inside and around us. Made of the purest of spiritual energies, it provides a framework for accepting unconditional love. Once we’re able to open to the truth of divine love, we can live from our hearts. We can keep one foot in the third dimension–in our daily lives–and one foot in the dream– the truth of pure love, and become fully heart centered. We are able to live from our personal truth, and isn’t that what we all desire? We can now enjoy our destiny. Judgement, fear, sadness, and pain aren’t permanent anymore. These places of transition transform into what they really are: understanding, love, joy, and pleasure. In fact, the negatives can now be seen for what they are: gifts for comprehending what we’re learning. Once heart centered, we’re able to let go of our mind. We can stop being trapped in thought patterns like, “what ifs,” and “should,” when we stop trying to

constantly work out in our mind how everything is going to happen. We no longer spiral into pessimism or dread. We discover that our mind has been tricking us all these years, convincing us that life is threatening. It wants us to believe that our heart will lead us astray; after all, didn’t all our injuries come from following our heart? If we come into our heart, won’t we be hurt again? The truth is, the key to a good life–to live at any level–is to live from our heart rather than our mind. The mind isn’t bad. It’s job is to ask questions. That’s it’s real purpose. The problem is that it only knows how to create reality based on what it knows in the moment, not on enduring truths. When asked a question, it answers with a question. The continual barrage of questioning leads to insecurity, and a lack of safety. Our heart is the only part of us that can grasp and process universal truth. Open us to divine inspiration and guidance, and connect us with sources of love. The world can only teach you how to live from your mind. Most of our families, religions, schools, and professions are mind-based. We are surrounded by the lies of the mind. We are, quite simply, not taught how to live from our personal truth and feelings, the link between our mind and heart, the male and female, and the universal and practical. The Emerald Heart provides a new model, one that filters logic, elevates feelings, and returns us to what I call the “Path of No Learning,” the remembering of our essence. Our present model for processing our feelings is to accept what we or society has judged as good and reject what has been judged as bad. This model is the root of the imbalance in our lives; it set’s us up to never find the purpose for all of the suffering in our lives. It does this through the law of sympathetic vibration. This law, put simply, states that like attracts like; so our acceptance will attract more acceptance and our resistance will attract more resistance. The “Path of No Learning” is a remembering of this natural law or the universe and it alone can change your life as it has change mine.

I know that the Emerald Heart is a paradigm that can transform your life and humanity in general. It will redefine what it means to be human and literally evolve the nature of humanity. We’ve been stuck in our lower mind and ego for a long time–which is okay, but we haven’t even examined our intentions for drowning in delusion and denial for these thousands of years. The Emerald Heart is more than a lifeline; it is a way through destiny and upward to enlightenment. Your Emerald Heart is composed of four flames. A flame is a truth that marries two opposite ideas. It is a living, conscious truth, one that evolves as we evolve, both transforming us, even while we are transformed by it. To heal from our past and open to our desired future, we must merge the two seeming contrary natures of each of these four flames. We do this by committing to feeling our feelings and discovering the highest intention in any given situation. By taking these steps, we don’t have to keep repeating our old pain and suffering. We become free of judgement and resistance. We can now fully live and love.


There’s nothing hard about stepping on to the path of the Emerald Heart. There’s no pressure, no coercion, no timing, or even fear. You can decide when to access your own Emerald Heart, for it’s always inside and outside you, waiting to be called forth. God will wait for you. By deciding to step forward and engage on this path right now, however, you will start to receive it’s immediate benefits. You will begin to trust yourself again. Pain will transform into pleasure, sadness into joy, fear into love, and judgement into understanding. You will discover the purpose of your own resistance to yourself and through the power of love, transform resistance into acceptance. You will begin to integrate feelings in and through your heart, and finally, reach the place beyond judgement. You will become your magical, mystical, compassionate self. By allowing yourself to experience your own Emerald Heart one step at a time, you emerge into your heart. Here is the sacred alter of grace. Here, in the foundation of the four flames, is where your divinity meets your humanity. Here is where compassion ignites instantaneous love, and all becomes what it really is. This is where “you” get to become “you.” The key to your own freedom is within you and this process will literally help you become the light that you are.






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