Kellye’s Testimonials


“I highly recommend Kellye. She is gifted and skilled with guiding deep healing work. I went to her because a friend of mine had such an amazing session with her! Now I have had a deep experience with her that continues to unfold meaningful insight even as the weeks pass. She helped me clear old blockages, helped provide clarity and specific details that are just what I needed. Thanks Kellye!”-U. Goadhouse Crozet, VA

“Kellye is very kind and nice. You will enjoy her company. Her massage skills are superb. I really liked how my hands felt afterwards. I definitely recommend her.” -D.Hong Phoenix, AZ

“Kellye is a great therapist. I have gotten many massages from her. Firm pressure yet still relaxing. A+” -K. Wagner Sedona, AZ

“I have personally received a reading from Kellye and I am completely satisfied!:) She is very in-depth, intuitive and can offer insight into things I definitely wasn’t aware of prior to speaking with her. She is professional and kind and made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowlegable in her field of study and I highly recomend her services to enhance your well-being. If only I could get a little closer for a massage. ” –A. Blount Salem, OR


“Today I was blessed with a 4 hour healing intuitive journey in my home with Malachite Kellye of I am always reserved when it comes to these things because it’s hard for me to accept I will be able to access knowledge across dimensions. But I easily went into trance and held it the entire time. We did a powerful past life regression and I got to see how stuck energies in another lifetime have contributed to me suffering with digestive ills my whole life. I confirmed that I am on an ascension team and that is part of my life path, to help others ascend. Things about my path started coming more and more into clarity. A lot of things were explained. I felt my own personal power crystallizing and becoming very clear and condensed. I got very emotional at different parts which really amazed me, it was confirmation that I was accessing energies on a deep level. We cleared entities. We did a soul retrieval. So much. At the end she did a spiritual essence tarot reading that was very insightful as well. My cat Alice loved the session, she stayed with us the entire time, sleeping, playing with crystals, sitting on the tarot cards and even vocalizing at one point to let me know she was feeling the energies shift. It was a very powerful day that ended around 5:30 and I have been processing/integrating ever since. It is now 10 pm and only now did I have the energy to come online and share about this experience. I suspect I will be processing for a while. Highly recommend you treat yourself to a session with Malachite Kellye. She is a gifted intuitive healer and can help you clarify your life purpose and clean up your energetic house. THANK YOU MALACHITE!!” -J.A.E Sedona, AZ